VR-K002 Mobile Phones VR

VR-K002 Mobile Phones VR

The special: the front cover can be slided and opened freely .Radiation protection and prevent myopia.

1.Materials:environmental protection ABS + PC+non-spherical HD optical resin lens(high definition)+elastic nylon tape.

2.Range of MP size: better fit for 3.5-6 inches Android and Apple iOS system.

3.Viewing Angle:90-99 degree.

4.Function: Show 3D movies or games after plug MP into VR BOX.

5.Effect of Virtual view:1000 inches 3D huge screen and play 3D game.

6.MP Plugging into direction: from right side of VR BOX.

7.Adjust lens: two buttons on the top adjust left/right, front/back to proper watching position.

8.Adaptation myopia degree:0-600 degree, can wear myopic glasses above 600 degrees.